The Company

Lees & Short Associated Architects (established 1995) and Ken Froise Architects (established 2010) joined in 2015 to form a new collaborative Durban based entity DesigncoLab.

This new company brings together over 75 years of collective experience and investigation in architecture and urbanism.

Their experience includes sustainable development, development management, project facilitation and participatory planning, project packaging and feasibility studies, urban strategy and design, design for the informal economy, urban renewal, transport oriented development, public housing and private residential.

The Directors, Joanne Lees, Gary Short and Ken Froise, bring a range of diverse built environment competencies and perspectives together, to offer an integrated service that includes everything from big picture thinking to technical detail and implementation.

Completed work includes large, medium and small-scale public and private sector projects.

They are able to integrate sector imperatives and objectives into holistic solutions and approaches, and to develop guidelines for sustainable urbanism to inform development decision-making. They strive to achieve the best possible outcomes, through processes that are appropriate to each specific project. From inception to completion, this team has a reputation for thorough and competent execution in all respects.

The company draws on the technical resources of Lees & Short, which has a team of 3 project architects and technologists, as well as working in association with a range of other firms. Their collaborative approach enables trans-disciplinary integration, and openness to innovative rather than prescribed solutions. Participatory planning processes and enquiry by design are central to our practice.

LSF DESIGNCO LAB (Pty) Ltd has a Level 4 BBBEE rating, as an Exempt Micro-Enterprise.

The Mission

Making spaces and places that improve lives.

Our mission is to use our collective experience make a meaningful contribution to society and the built environment at all scales, through an integrated, participatory approach.